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It Shows Results in Four Weeks
Coolsculpting Produces Are Permanent
CoolSculpting produces are permanent

During this non-surgical treatment, an applicator and a gel pad are applied to a particular treatment zone to deliver precisely controlled cooling toward the targeted fat. To start your CoolSculpting journey, you can easily contact our clinic and arrange an appointment to receive a consultation from a CoolSculpting technician. Moreover, in your initial assessment, a certified and competently trained physician should be involved to conclude whether you are a suitable applicant for the CoolSculpting procedure. Before performing the operation, you should feel comfortable with the consulting physician and other personnel, the level of follow-up care, and any treatment plans suggested.

Treatment Customized To Your Needs

It Is Absolutely Safe

The CoolSculpting device was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2010 for the safe and effective elimination of abdomen and flank fat. Since then, the FDA has given it approval to treat obesity in the thighs, upper arms, back, bra, and buttocks. There have been almost seven million CoolSculpting treatments conducted worldwide, with no serious side effects reported.

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It Only Targets Fat Cells

Liposuction also has the disadvantage of targeting both fat cells and fluids. As a result, liposuction may result in larger initial volume loss. However, a significant portion of that volume is not fat. CoolSculpting is a fat-cell-only treatment. Furthermore, the suction gadget does more than simply break up fat cells. It also isolates them, freezing only the fat cells. This ensures that no tissue in the surrounding area will be harmed during therapy.

Clothes Fit Better

Your Clothes Fit Better

Because the number of fat cells throughout your body is lowered, losing an inch off your waist usually necessitates a weight loss of 8.5 pounds. In other words, even if you follow a strict two-pound-per-week weight-loss plan, it will take over a month before your clothes start to fit better. It would take nine weeks to see changes in your body if you took a less aggressive weight loss technique.

coolsculpting before
coolsculpting after
10 weeks after CoolSculpting® treatment
CoolSculpting produces are permanent

CoolSculpting's innovative cryolipolysis technology permanently eliminates fat cells. When a fat cell dies, it is no longer alive. Surrounding fat cells, on the other hand, can alter in size, swelling with weight increase and decreasing with weight loss. As a result, patients must continue to follow a balanced diet and exercise routine following CoolSculpting in order to retain their results. Women should also avoid having children before receiving CoolSculpting, as the weight fluctuation associated with pregnancy can jeopardize the procedure's benefits.


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