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We only store essential information on our website in order to provide a flexible and safe dental healthcare service to our patients, as well as to inform them about how certain services work.

We may collect information from you.
You can get out to us through a variety of media channels. This includes forms on websites, text messages, phone calls, social networking platforms, WhatsApp, and other techniques. You supply us with basic information about yourself by using this method of communication.

This information includes your name, phone number, email address, and medical information. We may gather additional information during your dental consultation dependent on certain services/treatments, such as your prior medical record, clinical record, personal identification, lifestyle, habits, waivers, treatment plants, and any correspondence with healthcare specialists.

This information is used to remind you of your appointments, bookings, and recommendations.

How do we keep information?
We keep all of our records on computers. When not in use, records are securely destroyed. Only doctors and personnel have access to confidential information. To keep patient information secure and confidential, every member of the community is educated to follow strict rules, policies, and procedures.

We are bound by the law and operate for reputable companies in the country. We never give, sell, or exchange your personal information with a third-party website or other sources. We may comply with the law if legal authorities, a search warrant, or a court order request personal information.

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