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May 1, 2022
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Anyone who has ever suffered with stubborn pockets of fatthat refuse to disappear no matter how much they exercise or eat has definitelyhoped for a technique to make fat disappear instantly.If you believe the marketing, cryolipolysis, also known asthe FDA-approved, branded technique CoolSculpting, can accomplish preciselythat. However, as with any marketing promise, there's more to the story thanmeets the eye.


What is Cryolipolysis, and how does it work?

 Fat cells are not as durable as other tissues in your body,despite their apparent stubbornness in resisting exercise. When fat cells areexposed to a low enough temperature, necrosis, or cellular death, occurs.Because other tissues in the body do not necrotic until they reach lowertemperatures, cryolipolysis relies on exposing a specific area of the body to aspecific range of cold temperatures for just long enough to kill fat cellswhile causing no damage to other tissues.


Damaged fat cells are cleared out by your body's naturalprocesses for cellular waste processing after a fat freezing surgery.Cryolipolysis, when done appropriately on a persistent fat deposit, can lowerthe number of fat cells in a specific location of the body, albeit there are certainrestrictions to how much fat you can shed.


Subcutaneous fat, or fat under the skin, is the only type offat that can be frozen. The visceral fat stored elsewhere in your body cannotbe addressed with cryolipolysis, which is why this surgery is mostly used foraesthetic purposes rather than weight loss.


Cryolipolysis: How Effective Is It?

 Fat deposits treated with CoolSculpting often result in a 20percent fat reduction when measured using a caliper. While this may not seemlike much to someone who wants their fat to go overnight, it compares favorablyto the efficacy of existing treatment approaches. As your body slowly processesthe fat from the treated region, this decrease may take several weeks or monthsto occur.


Despite its drawbacks, CoolSculpting treatments have certainadvantages over conventional plastic operations. The first is that infection,which is always a concern with any invasive technique or surgery likeliposuction, is not a concern with cryolipolysis. The applicator used in a fatfreezing process does not damage the skin because it is a non-invasiveprocedure. This implies that the procedure's dangers are greatly reduced. Thisbenefit is shared by other non-surgical fat reduction treatments, such asradiofrequency fat removal.


Some cosmetic surgeons favor cryolipolysis because of thehigh degree of patient satisfaction. CoolSculpting is a low-risk, relativelylow-cost option for patients looking to get rid of the last few stubborn fatbulges such as love handles or fat deposits under the chin. With very littlerecovery time and none of the complications associated with procedures likeliposuction, CoolSculpting is a low-risk, relatively low-cost option forpatients looking to get rid of the last few stubborn fat bulges such as lovehandles or fat deposits under the chin.


It may take numerous separate cryolipolysis therapy sessionsfor many people to properly treat a region of the body. Because the body takesseveral weeks to metabolize the fat cells eliminated after a treatment session,your plastic surgeon won't know how beneficial a single treatment session wasfor a while. A comprehensive treatment program might take many months due tothe requirement for time for the treated region to recuperate.


Is Cryolipolysis a Long-Term Treatment?

 The cells in the fat layer beneath the skin of the treatedregion are permanently destroyed by cryolipolysis therapy, and they do notreturn once they have been processed out of your body. This isn't to suggestthat following a shaping treatment, you won't acquire weight. Anyone who hashad a sculpting or body contouring operation should continue to eat well andlive a healthy lifestyle in the future to avoid the formation of new fatdeposits. If you continuously feed your body more calories than it utilizes, itwill need to store them somewhere, resulting in weight gain.


Cryolipolysis's Restrictions

 Patients seeking cryolipolysis for fat reduction should beaware of the restrictions and potential negative effects associated withnon-invasive body sculpting. The raw amount of fat that can be treated at anygiven moment is perhaps the most important constraint. The amount of fat youmay lose with a relatively tiny treatment region, such as beneath the chin, israther little.


While the major negative effects of previous body shapingtreatments are not a worry with CoolSculpting, there are still some drawbacks.A disease known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia can cause additional fatcells in the body to grow in size, resulting in fat bulges that were previouslyunseen. Men, particularly those of Hispanic heritage, are more likely to havethis reaction.


Many of the issues that may make you a poor candidate forcryolipolysis have to do with the health of your skin, circulatory system, andnerve system. While the operation is supposed to only cause necrosis in fatcells in healthy people, if you have another underlying problem, other tissuesmay be harmed.


After a cryolipolysis therapy, side effects are possible,most of which affect the treated region. After a sculpting operation, numbness,tingling, redness, and transient swelling are all possible side effects. Due tothe breakdown of the fat cells destroyed during the therapy, some skindiscoloration and bruising may occur. After a procedure, any bruises should goaway within a few days.


CoolSculpting and other fat-reduction procedures are notintended to address obesity and do not generate the same outcomes. Non-invasivefat freezing and other cosmetic operations can efficiently improve theappearance of tiny portions of the body, but if you need to drop a large amountof weight, you'll have to do so through diet, exercise, and potentially otherweight reduction procedures.


Body Contouring vs. Weight Loss Procedures

Many patients confuse body contouring with weight reductionoperations, although they have quite different aims and motivations for seekingone type of surgery over the other. CoolSculpting is a type of body sculptingthat is used to improve the look of stubborn fat deposits that persist afterlosing weight through diet and exercise. These operations are just cosmetic andare not intended to treat obesity or help you shed a considerable amount ofweight.


Weight reduction techniques, on the other hand, are designedto assist those who are dealing with the difficulties of having a substantialquantity of excess body fat. Individuals who believe they are losing the battleagainst excess body weight may benefit from weight reduction operations such asendoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, which can help them adjust their lifestyle andbody composition in order to achieve long-term weight loss independence.


Getting a tummy tuck isn't the only option to shed asignificant amount of weight. Having a helping hand to guide them through thetricky realm of weight reduction might have remarkable consequences for somepeople. If you find yourself in this situation, medical nutrition treatment maybe a viable choice for achieving the desired effects without the difficultiesor risks associated with other procedures.


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